Access to Tariff Information


Tariff can be accessed:

  1. Electronically, from a remote site:

by logging on to the Publiship Logistics, Inc. web site on the following web address <> under the button "FMC Tariff Rates".


B. Hard copy by mail or courier:

To order a card copy print out please contact: Publiship Logistics, Inc.

110B Meadowlands Parkway

Suite 202

Secaucus, NJ 07094

Tel. (201) 656-9020

Fax. (201) 721-5525



    1. Fee Schedule:

                        a. The subscription fee schedule for hard copies is as follows:

                         US$5.00 per Tariff Line Item (Minimum $25.00 per print out).

                         US$500.00 per complete tariff.


a.      Shipping and Handling

US$25.00 per mailing within the Continental United States.

US$75.00 per mailing outside the Continental United States.


    1. Free Access:

Access electronically from a remote site is free of charge.

Access by any form of communication for Federal Authorities are free of charge.


In the event that the access to this tariff is not available via the internet due to regular scheduled maintenance or a break down of the system or similar disaster hard copies are available from the carrier as outlined in section A.2.

 With regards to requests for emergency information, all cost for telecommunication, postage, courier, and other related disbursements are for the account of the requesting party.

 All requests for emergency information must be made in writing to the carrier at the a.m. address.



(effective: 08/01/2003)