Any units of measure shall be converted into the metric system at the following conversion rates:


2.2042 Pounds (lbs)..1 Kilogram (kg)

2204.62 Pounds (lbs)1 Metric ton (mt)

35.314 Cubic Feet (cft).1 Cubic Meter (cbm)

0.394 Inches (in)1 Centimeter (cm)

39.4 Inches (in)..1 Meter (m)

1 Pound (lbs).0.454 Kilograms (kgs)

1 Long Ton (lt)..1,016 Kilograms (kgs)

1 Short Ton (st).907 Kilograms (kgs)

1 Cubic Foot (cft).0.028 Cubic Meters (cbm)



(effective: 08/01/2003)