Hazardous Cargo



  1. These terms apply to all commodities which bear standard caution labels as required by the "Code of Federal Regulations" (CFR).


  1. Dangerous Cargo consists of those commodities, which are required by the CFR to be confined to on deck stowage only. Such commodities shall be assessed the Cargo NOS rate, unless otherwise provided.


  1. Hazardous Cargo consists of those commodities, for which on deck stowage is not required and which may be stowed under deck in conformity with CFS. Such commodities shall be assessed the Cargo NOS rate unless otherwise provided.


  1. Carrier will hold shipper(s) solely responsible for any penalty and/or damages resulting from failure to comply with the foregoing.


  1. All shipments tendered pursuant to this rule are subject to prior booking with the carrier and are governed by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 46 Part 146.25 and Title 49 Parts 100-199.


  1. Included in the foregoing are the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) set forth in 46 CFR 146.29, which specified that the following information requirements must accompany each shipment of hazardous goods from the United States.


    1. A 24 hour telephone number.

It is required that the shipper provided on the shipper document (e.g. the bill of lading), a 24 hour emergency telephone number of a person or organization in foreign countries and in the U.S., having or having immediate access to, knowledge about the hazardous material and comprehensive emergency response and accident mitigation information for the material. The carrier can not accept shipments of chemicals and other hazardous materials which do not provide a 24 hour telephone number. In addition a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) has to be submitted to the carrier prior to the cargo being loaded on board.


    1. Emergency Response Measures to Accompany the Cargo.

The following emergency response information must be kept with the vehicle/vessel operator:

o        a description of the hazardous material

o        immediate health hazard information and preliminary first aid measures

o        immediate precautions and methods of handling spills, leaks and fires, etc.


    1. NOS Shipments Must Show Technical Name.

NOS descriptions of hazardous goods on the shipping paper must be accompanied by the chemical's technical name.


Any fines or penalties incurred due to the failure of the shippers to conform to the regulations will be for the account of the shipper. In addition shipper shall indemnify and hold carrier harmless from and against any liability for damage to property or person arising from the ocean or inland transportation and handling of hazardous cargoes, except where such liability is the exclusive fault of the carrier.



(effective: 08/01/2003)