Shipper's Load and Count



Where containers are loaded by shipper or his agent and sealed, carrier will accept such shipments subject to "Shipper's Load and Count" and bill of lading shall be so claused and carrier will not be responsible either directly or indirectly for damage resulting from improper loading, stowage or mixing of articles in the container, or any discrepancy in count or concealed damage to articles.

The shipper shall furnish carrier with a list of contents showing description of goods and the gross weight and cubic measurements of the contents of the container.

Carrier reserves the right to open and inspect the contents of a container and so indicates on the bill of lading, resealing the container.

When containers loaded with goods moving subject to shipper's load and count are delivered to consignee or his agent, consignee or his agent must furnish carrier with a claim-free receipt prior to release of container or contents for delivery.



(effective: 08/01/2003)