Shipper's Request in Foreign Commerce


  1. Shippers may transmit requests, consultations and complaints to:

Publiship Logistics, Inc.

129 Washington Street, 3rd Floor

Hoboken, NJ 07030


  1. As used in this rule, the phrase "request and complaint" means any communication requesting a change in tariff rates, rules or regulations; objecting to rate increases or other tariff changes; and protects against erroneous billings due to an incorrect commodity classification, incorrect weight or measurement of cargo, or other implementation of the tariff. Routine requests for rate information sailing schedules, space availability and the like are not included in the foregoing.


  1. Shippers' request for rate action must include at least the following information: 
    • Shipper's Name/Address/Telephone Number
    • Commodity Description
    • Port/Point of Loading
    • Port/Point of Discharge
    • Cargo Quantity
    • Anticipated Shipment Date




(effective: 08/01/2003)